Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two New IPAs and a Few New Albums

Lack of any recent snowfall on the mountain allowed me to enjoy a day to myself in the city today. I used the opportunity to get some errands taken care of and then head to the Horse Brass to try some new IPAs.

First up was Caldera Brewing's Hopportunity Knocks. I first heard of this beer just a few days ago on Brewpublic. This will be one of Caldera's first bottled seasonal beers. It will be available soon in 22 oz bombers. This 6.8% ABV hop monster (100+ IBUs) is brewed exclusively with Centennial hops. This thing is bursting with citrus and hops aroma and tastes a little sweet before the hops take over on the backend. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I look forward to picking up a bottle to compare to the draft.

I followed up the Caldera IPA with Widmer's new Deadlift Imperial IPA. This 8.6% IPA has lower IBU's at around 70 and is brewed mainly, but not exclusively with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. I didn't enjoy this one as much. The aroma is all hops and quite pleasant. But, I felt the malts dominated the taste and could have used more hops. A solid IPA but a shame they brought hops all the way from New Zealand and the result is not stellar.

After a quick trip to Belmont Station for bottle returns and to pick up a bottle of Upright Billy the Mountain and New Belgium Ranger IPA, I headed over to Music Millenium.

A trip to Music Millenium is always fun. A visit after a couple of pints is even better (for me and the store as I always seem to buy a few more albums!). I took my time perusing the aisles and taking advantage of the listening stations. Plenty of new music out there. Support your local record store. Here are few new albums that caught my eye:

Hot Chip - One Life Stand New album from this dance indie British band.

The Soft Pack - Self titled debut major label album from San Diego indie band that has toured with Phoenix, Bloc Party, White Lies, and Black Lips.

Galactic - Ya-Ka-May Classic New Orleans soul funk with many guest musicians.

So, do yourself a favor and have a pint or two and head down to your local independent record store.


  1. Hey!

    I work at the Hop and Vine. Love the blog. Nothing's better than good music and good beer. Now have HOTD Blue Dot and Widmer Deadlift on tap for IPA's. DFH Palo Santo, Bruery Hottenroth and NCB Brother Thelonius on as well. Sample of the music in the bar:

    Jimi Hendrix--the PPX sessions
    Nada Surf--the weight is the gift
    Franco--Francophonics Vol. 1
    Agitation Free--Malesch
    The best there ever was---country blues comp.

    Like to mix it up..


  2. Jason-

    Thanks for reading the blog and thanks for the heads up on the great beer and music you guys are throwing down at the Hop and Vine. My wife and I were thinking about visiting today when the sun was shining. The patio looks fantastic. Now, I will have to stop in and say hello. I hope everyone has a blast at Ezra's birthday party on Saturday (I have to work that night unfortunately).

    Portland Beer & Music