Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hopworks Happenings

A couple of Hopworks Urban Brewery items in the news:

First up via Beer News, HUB will be bottling the well received Ace of Spades Imperial IPA. This gold medal winner at the GABF weighs in at 9.2% ABV and 100+ IBU. The bottle release will be Tuesday, April 13th at Belmont Station. The release will be a meet the brewer event as well. I know the wise saying is don't cellar IPAs, but I imagine this hop monster might do well with some aging.

UPDATED: Second up, a few blogs (The New School and Taplister) have already reported the upcoming HUB release of the Gigabit IPA to coincide with Portland's effort to attract Google's Fiberoptic high speed internet project. The beer is apparently a new recipe IPA afterall and is being released on Friday at the Green Dragon.
Props to Ezra for digging out the info that it is a new recipe beer and listing the pertinent beer geek info on his website.

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