Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Choose My Friday Adventure

I have the pleasure of a weekday off with my 2 year old daughter this Friday. Mom will be at work. I cannot decide what to do, so this is where you come in. I am gonna let you choose our adventure. We usually just kick it around Portland - hit the park, go for a hike, lunch, grab some ice cream etc... But, it is supposed to be a pretty nice day out if the weather holds up. So, we want to get out and about. She loves hiking in the backpack kid carrier. It will be just me, my daughter, and the dog - so the beer part of any adventure will be a minimum, because neither my daughter nor my dog is a very good driver! Here are the choices:

1. Silver Falls & Oregon Garden Brewfest: I haven't had the pleasure of hiking at Silver Falls State Park, which I hear is very nice. The plan would be for hiking a few hours at Silver Falls followed by a quick visit to the Oregon Garden Brewfest which starts Friday at 4pm (which I think is a poor choice on the organizers part, a noon start would make more sense to me). I also have not been to the Oregon Garden and admission is included in the brewfest price. We will have to head straight home from the beerfest, which means no more than the 5 tasters (if that much) included in the $15 package - worth it?

2. Hiking in the Gorge & Lunch at Everybody's Brewing: Although I have done plenty of hiking in the Gorge, there is always another hike to be done. Somehow, I have still not managed to make it to Everybody's Brewing. It seems everytime I am in Hood River, the pull of Double Mountain is just too strong to resist.

3. A Visit to Corvallis & Lunch at Block 15 Brewery: I have only driven through Corvallis on the way to the coast. I have never taken the time to explore the town. I like college towns but is there enough for us to do for an afternoon? I have been so impressed with Block 15's brews that it might be worth it just for the lunch. But, should I wait until the wife can join us and I can enjoy more than one beer at the brewery?

4. Visit Astoria & Lunch at Fort George Brewery: I have done both of these more than once. But, the drive to Astoria is pleasant and I am a big fan of Fort George Brewery.

5. Hang out in Portland: The easy answer is to stay in Portland. There is so much to do, especially on a sunny spring day. Parks with playgrounds, take the dog down to the river at Sellwood Park, hiking in Forest Park, etc....

So, fearless readers, now is the time to act. You tell me what to do. Leave your vote in the comments section (I am too inept to put a poll in the post itself). The plan with the most votes Friday morning will be the winner!


  1. I vote for the Gorge and Everybody's Brewing. A great combination and it will be a great day for Everybody's Brewing's patio!

  2. For me, having to drive somewhere spoils a day off, so I would hang around Portland.

    If you haven't been to the Rhododendron Garden, it must be pretty close to peak blooming right now, and that is a place your daughter will love. Stop at the nursery up the street first and buy a bag of birdseed for the ducks. Not too far from lunch at Hopworks after that.

    If you need a mountain view, Sellwood Park isn't far from there and at various points in the park you can see Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens; at the back of that park is the trail into Oaks Bottom Park, you could walk all the way to the river. If you need a beer tie-in, the Lompoc Oaks Bottom isn't far from there.