Thursday, April 1, 2010

Radiohead Record Release & Hair of the Dog "Thom" Debut Double Show in Portland

This is mind blowing. Portland will play host to a very, very special double event in June. Radiohead (yes, Radiohead!) will play an exclusive show at the Crystal Ballroom to celebrate the upcoming release of their yet untitled album. The show will be presented by Hair of the Dog Brewing Company.

Apparently, Alan Sprints is a raging Radiohead fan. He had the chance to first meet Thom Yorke on one of many visits with the late great craft beer critic Michael Jackson in England. Well, being a famous lover of craft beer, Thom was instantly impressed by Alan's work. A friendship quickly developed.

Fast forward a few years. After sitting in on a few rehearsals and studio sessions with the band, Alan has brewed a special beer to celebrate the upcoming album. The beer is simply called "Thom" and is a barrel aged stout brewed with sardines packed in the kettle boil. Reportedly, there are 15 steps to the recipe. After devising the recipe, Alan invited Thom to Portland to taste it when it is completed. Thom took him up on the offer and more. He proposed an epic event: an album and beer release concert.

The event will include a full set from Radiohead along with a meet the brewer session with Alan. The beer, "Thom", will flow freely along with many other rare Hair of the Dog brews. Alan said this event will replace the normal Earth Day dock sale, which you may have heard is not happening this year.

Make sure you watch this blog as more details become available, lest you be left high and dry...

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