Friday, November 12, 2010

Battle of Saturday Beer Events: Beer Cocktails vs. Bailey's Belgianfest

As is the norm in Beervana, Saturday brings the average craft beer fan a tough decision. Two excellent beer events are going toe to toe. Those with livers of steel (I am looking at you Angelo) will certainly have no trouble making it to both events. The majority of us are left with a tough decision to make: Brewing Up Cocktails 2 or Bailey's Taproom Belgianfest?

I will start with Bailey's Belgianfest. I am ashamed to admit that this will be my first beer event at Bailey's. It seems every time they have an event I am either working, out of town, or my wife is giving birth to our second child. Stupid childbirth, always getting in the way of a good beer event. Anyway, I am excited about the lineup of Oregon brewers bringing Belgian inspired beers to this event. A few of the beers that I am looking forward to from the list include those from Astoria, Barley Brown's, Cascade, Beetje, Deschutes, Ft. George, Laurelwood, and Upright.

Bailey's Taproom. Saturday, November 13th. Admission from 4-11pm. Beer served until Midnight. $15 gets you a very nice tulip glass & 5 tokens. Pour = 1 token = $1.

Brewing Up Cocktails 2 sees the return of creative beer cocktails from the minds of Ezra Johnson-Greenough (The New School Beer Blog), mixologist Jacob Grier, and Hop & Vine owner Yetta Vorobik. The first installment during Oregon Craft Beer Month was a great success. The drinks this time around look quite interesting and there is quite a buzz building, especially for the Hot Scotchy. See Ezra's blog for an in depth description of what went into each cocktail as he has profiled a different cocktail each day this week.

Hop & Vine. Saturday, November 13th 6-10 pm. Cocktails individually priced.


  1. Steel liver? Feel like someone stole my liver in Colorado. Though I am not a big cocktail drinker, I do want to check out the event at Hop & Vine. It sounds cool and a lot of places in Denver-Boulder were doing beer cocktails, too. I will definitely be at Bailey's being that some of those beers seem utterly killer and Geoff is a sexy beast

  2. I will be @ both. Can't miss that kind of a lineup of beers. Brewing with Cocktails 1 was surprisingly amazing. The Furburger and Cascadian Revolution were worth it, so I am very excited for round 2.

  3. I agree with Nicole, The Furburger was awesome - I wish I knew how to make that drink at home. I think there's an updated winter version being served as part of Round 2. While Bailey's sounds great, I'm opting for a trip to Hop and Vine tonight for some beer cocktails.

  4. I have no idea what the first Furburger was like, but man, this mostly-vegetarian was seriously grossed out by son-of. Ah, but Hot Scotchie, my new joy...

  5. Yeah the picture of the Son of Furburger looked rather gruesome. Judging from tweets and attendance, I am guessing that BUC2 came out the winner on Saturday night. I will have to hit up BUC3.

  6. Thanks for the mention of Brewing up Cocktails 2. It seems both these events were huge successes and I lamented with Geoff that are events fell on the same day which we both would have avoided if we could.

    We are working on branching out and expanding Brewing up Cocktails as a rotating event at various bars both in Portland and beyond. Details soon.

  7. Ezra - I look forward to hearing more about the expansion of B.U.C. and I hope to make it to the next one.